Posted May 16, 2013 by Tom Litchfield in Productivity

A better way to read non-mobile webpages on your phone

Non-mobile web page on phone screen
Non-mobile web page on phone screen

Tapping links on your phone that lead to non-mobile sites is extremely annoying. You see an intriguing headline, tap the link and then… WTF! You’re hit with a mosaic of tiny text and boxes you can’t make sense of. It’s the internet equivalent of hitting a brick wall.

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that many popular and big name sites still don’t have a mobile optimized web pages, or are unable to detect basic mobile devices.

Rather than swipe and pinch my phone screen to attempt to read non-mobile web pages, I found a much better solution using a popular app. The short, five-minute video below explains it all:

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