Get Flight Updates Faster Than The Airports
FlightTrack can keep track of any domestic or international flight, providing you with updated departure times and gate numbers at a glance on your phone or tablet. The app includes coverage for an impressive 1,400 plus airlines and over 3,000 airports worldwide. This app is valuable for frequent flyers or any casual air traveler. Prepare […]
Diet App Helps When You’re Most Vulnerable
When it comes to losing stubborn fat and getting in shape, most of us can need all the help we can get. Even if you have a fitness partner or nutritionist, they can’t be there for you every moment of the day. At the office wondering what you should eat for lunch, when out running […]
How To Manage Hundreds Of Strong Passwords
Passwords are a pain to deal with on mobile devices, especially phones. I literally have hundreds of passwords, and all of them are unique, strong passwords for security. As you might imagine, logging into sites and apps on my phone with passwords that look like this… a#6nZI4$Yta16Y7k7*-0 ..can be a real nightmare! I’ve used RoboForm […]
Wave Goodbye To Paper Guidebooks
The longtime travel review site and online community has several apps offerings useful for any traveler. These apps provide some of the typical features found in most travel apps, but can also help you with things like navigating the local transit, learning which sights are worth your time and money, and discovering off-the-beaten-path secret spots. […]
Fitness App For Serious Training
As the name implies RunKeeper is another app that tracks running and other distance activities. The app uses GPS to record your progress and report distance, speed and time. It also has some social features but is geared toward those a little more serious about their training. RunKeeper tracks and records stats for each activity […]
Digitize Your Offline Coupons
It happens all the time when you walk into a store and start shopping. You see an item on the store shelf and realize you have a big discount coupon at home for that very item -but it’s at home (face-palm). Worse, you’re at the checkout counter and as your grocery tally reaches $200, you […]
The Best ‘Read-It-Later’ App
Those of us who are still tied to our laptops and desktops come across websites and content that would make perfect reading and viewing material for our tablets and phones. Every day I find new articles or colleagues send links I’d like to save and read on my phone when I have down time. Back […]
Last Minute Gift Idea That’s Sure To Be A Hit
Store gift cards make nice gifts, but year after year of gift cards to the same people can get old. It’s like saying, “I couldn’t put any time into getting a real gift for you, so I’ll just give you some cash in the form of gift card… again.” I don’t think anyone’s going to […]
Next Best Thing To A Personal Trainer?
“Workout Trainer” is one of the top fitness apps available. It combines audio and video demos (Pro version) to coach you through exercises and complete workouts. This app could be the next best thing to having a live personal trainer! Workouts can be selected based on fitness goals or body areas or muscle groups of […]
Quick And Easy Travel Sharing
Though sharing photos with friends and family as you travel is easy, it’s not always convenient to stop what you’re doing to type out a new update for Facebook or write an email. That’s why I appreciate these two apps: InstaPlace and InstaWeather. Both from the same developer and almost identical. These apps are super […]